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Puch and Integration    





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Institutional History


The Foundation Disabilited Artists, entity no lucrative, was created on 24 September of 1993 by the collaboration of a  Autogas Company, today absorbed by another one. 

It  started working in order to insert the artists and people with disability as an active way of participating in the society,  next to the common of the artists. In consecuence, it was necessary as one of the first actions, to qualify those disabilited people  with artistic aptitudes so that they could improve  their potential.

Another of the actions was the realization of cultural artistic activities to promote the new cultural actors, linking us with civil Organizations, official Organisms, Cultural Centers, Artists, Writers and all those related with the cultural artistic activities. By this way we got supports of different types, for example, of the Center of Information of the United Nations, of the National Fund of the Arts, of the Cultural Secretary of the Nation, of the Ministerys of Education, of the Interior, of Social Development, of the National Work, of the Secretaries of: Culture,  Education,  Social Development and  Employment of the Government of Buenos Aires'City; of the  Buenos Aires' Úniversity, of the Cultural Centers of Recoleta and Gral. Saint Martin, among others, many of them by means of agreements, besides the support of Artists of national and international recognition, of companies, of different social sectors  and the new supports of Ernesto Sábato's godfathership, María Fux and Pérez Celis.

Then, because of the necessities that went arising as long as our
posibilities became bigger we created a Social Area as a fundamental
complement, with wich we channel all those activities that don't frame in
the Artistic Area, as well as courses and seminars for those who in a way or
another assists and guide disabled people and their enviroment creating
present and digital courses like the disabled assistence, present as the
therapeutic compannion, and other present or digital courses and educative

On one hand, we give some services by Internet  that  include among other: the Newsletter Integrating, the Digital Courses for disabilited people and without it, like those ones who take care of them, Juridical Advice about health and disability and general information, inside the  web sitie Integrating (interactive Portal of the Integration), . At the same time, by  this web sitie we carry out an Investigation on the Social Representation of the Disability, about Art and Disability and Accessible Tourism offering all type of information in this area.

On the other hand, we created the  web sitie Disabilited Artists (the unique web sitie that shows all the arts including videos),  like another contribution  to achieve a Cultural Integration.

As corollary in our 10 years of intense activities, we received the Venturesome  Solidary Man granted by the Social Ecumenical Forum competing with 150 ONG's and Companies of first level and among other distinctions, we were chosen by the Fundación Agulla & Bacchetti to create the graphic campaign “We have  enough Talent”, Argentinean Post made us the “ Seal Postcard” for our 10º anniversary to throw it the day of “the Performance of Effort and Glories 2003”, event that we carried out every year in the Cultural Center Gral. Saint Martin.
Since 18 years of activity, we have carried out a lot of shows, exhibitions, samples and all type of cultural artistic  activities among those  are included, edition of books, videos, Christmas and New Year cards



Members  |  History  |  Mission  |  Vision  |  Actions  |  Beneficiaries  |  Performance  
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