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Puch and Integration    





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Our Actions
We offer  several   services according  to the development, welfare and people's improvements that are reflected in the following actions:
We carry out all type of artistic, cultural and social events as a way of Integration
We public the artistic and creative works through Internet, videos, editions in general.
We offer training by courses and present workshops:
  Integrated Workshops of Art for people with disability and without it.
   Courses, Workshops and Seminars for professionals, educational, estudents 
       and all those interested in the problematic of disability
We offer Digital Courses Interactive in  Internet
We delivery every month by e-mail our Integrating Newsletter 
We carry out investigations and Give advise about Disability.
Through our social area, we offer training about Disability, Assistant and sensitization.
We promote the investigation in general and difusse works created by others.
We open spaces to get a job, changing ideas and making projects
We promote to undertake projects personal and grupal.
We offer spaces to difusse general information,  services and products which are offered.
We create Agreements with different Government Organizations and Institutions.
Areas of Training
       °   Artistic Area
           Integrated Workshops of Art, Courses, Seminars - Presents
           (for people with disability and without it)
            - Plastic Arts
            - Choreographic Laboratory
            - Literature
- Music (Workshop)
- Theatre (Workshop) College of Social Sciences - UBA
  - Theatre (Workshop) Institute Josefina Colmegna de "Bignone"
                - Art y Disability  (Seminar - Teacher Training)
            - History of  Art  (Course)
  Workshops Out of Institution
            - Circus
- The ways of the Marionette              
        °   Social Area
             Courses, Workshops and Seminars - Presents
             - Journalism  (Workshop)
             - Assistant in Disability  and in Digital   (Course)
             - Therapeutic Partner   (Course)                  
Site Web
The  Interactivo Site of the Integration
       Virtual Sample of Multimedia
            Texts, Photos, Sound  and Video
An Unique and Original Site in Internet 
             Of the Independent Disabilited Artists or 
             Groups, or  those ones who belong to other Entities.
     We carry out all sort of Events
       and Cultural Artistic  Activities
      - Round Tables, Arguments, Conferences, Guided Visits, Competitions.
      - Performances, Exhibitions, Shows and Representations of the Workshops,
         of Guests, of Figures and Groups of National and International Prestige.
      - Edition of Videos, Postcards, Books, Magazines, Catalogs and Reproductions
         in general.
     - We received the GLORY Award
Special Mentions of Recognition,
        to Disabilited Artists outstanding
        and to important people, and Instituciones
        that stand out for their Solidary Spirit.  
  We construct Bridges.
  We gather Information.
  We present Projects, Proposals.
  We investigate.


Members  |  History  |  Mission  |  Vision  |  Actions  |  Beneficiaries  |  Performance  
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